CrimeStoppers of the Illinois Valley

The CrimeStoppers program was designed to reduce the amount of crime and the number of unsolved crimes in the Illinois Valley. The community is the key to the success of CrimeStoppers and the program would not exist without the help of concerned citizens and the local media.

CrimeStoppers would like to remind the community that cash rewards are paid for information on unsolved crimes and fugitives. CrimeStoppers pays rewards up to $1,000. People can remain anonymous while calling the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-800-340-4045.

WHAT IS CRIMESTOPPERS? CrimeStoppers is a Not-For-Profit, Anti-Crime program designed to provide citizens a means to anonymously report criminal activity to the police.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS - HOW DOES CRIMESTOPPERS WORK? When you call, the trained call taker will take your information, record it on a form and assign you a secret code number. The process will be explained to you. The information received immediately goes to the Investigations Department for action.

HOW IS MY CALL AND IDENTITY PROTECTED? Callers to the CrimeStoppers line do not give their name. They are assigned a secret code number which is then used in all subsequent contacts. The phone does NOT have Caller ID, and your call is NOT recorded.

WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION IS CRIMESTOPPERS LOOKING FOR? CrimeStoppers is looking for information that will lead to an arrest for an unsolved crime, or for a person who has a warrant. These are featured in the newspaper and radio.

ARE THERE OTHER THINGS I CAN REPORT? Information on any crime, or fugitive can be reported. Information may also be reported on arson's and false alarms. Pulled false fire alarms are a felony.

HOW WILL I KNOW IF I AM ELIGIBLE FOR A MONETARY REWARD? When you call the CrimeStoppers line to report your information, you will receive information and instructions on when to call back. It's very important that you keep your secret code number. It's the only tool you have to check back on the incident and get a possible reward.

HOW DO I RECEIVE MONEY? If your tip leads to an arrest (not conviction) you will be paid in cash in an envelope. We do not issue checks because we do not know your name. If you qualify for a reward, you will be instructed on where and when to pick up your money.

WHO DETERMINES REWARD PAYMENTS? CrimeStoppers is governed by its Board of Directors. The Board, composed of dedicated residents of the Illinois Valley area meets monthly to determine which calls merit a reward payment and the amount of each payment. Various items are taken into consideration including the helpfulness of the information and the severity of the crime.

You will not be asked for your name and CrimeStoppers does NOT have Caller ID. If your tip leads to an arrest, CrimeStoppers will pay you a reward up to $1,000.00.