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Shop With A Cop
On December 19th, The Oglesby Police Department instituted our “Shop With A Cop” community-policing program. This program pairs deserving children in our community with Police Officers that escorted the children on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart for Christmas gifts.

Each Officer and child had a budget to spend.  Each child purchased gifts for themselves and their family members for Christmas.  Many toys were purchased, but there was also a very large amount of clothing that was purchased by these children for themselves and their family members.

When the shopping was done, everyone returned to the Police Station where they enjoyed a pizza party and everyone helped each other wrap the gifts.

The police and the telecommunicators that volunteered their time and money to support this cause made the success of this event possible.

New 911 Equipment Upgrade
The Oglesby Police Department in co-operation with the Oglesby 911 Board recently completed a major upgrade to the city’s Emergency 911 equipment.  During the week of 12/13, Chief Knoblauch oversaw the installation of a completely new 911 emergency telephone response system in the Police Telecommunications Center. The installation of this equipment went smoothly and our Telecommunications Center was completely switched over to the new equipment on Wednesday (12/15).

This equipment replaces a seventeen-year-old system that was obsolete and we no longer had a source of replacement parts to repair the system in the event of a breakdown.

This new equipment cost approximately $160,000.00 and is being funded entirely by Emergency 911 fees that are collected on everyone’s phone bill. 

Texting and Cell Phone use in School Zones
New laws have taken effect which affect the use of cell phones and texting while in school zones. The laws specifically target "distracted driving" and have been passed to reduce the dangers posed by drivers who use cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Please become familiar with the following changes and how they affect you while driving near schools.

  • The use of a cell phone without a hands-free device in a school zone is prohibited in all circumstances
  • Texting (including sending electronic messages such as email) is prohibited on all public roadways, unless the vehicle is stopped and the transmission is in neutral or park.

The Oglesby Police Department supports the new laws and will be conducting enforcement on these violations when observed or reported. Although the laws cited here are specific to school zones, motorists are encouraged to follow these laws at all times while operating a vehicle, especially near areas where children or pedestrians may be present.

Reminder regarding snow parking in the street:
It is a violation of city ordinance to park on any city street per ordinance 10.24.090 reprinted below:

10.24.090 - Snow parking.*
It is unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street in the city at any time within twelve hours after a snowfall of two inches or more has occurred or until the snow has been removed there from, whichever occurs sooner.

Thank You,

The Oglesby Police Department is starting a new program called House Watch.
This program will allow you to notify the police when you are absent for any length of time from your residence, such as vacation. With this program you will be able to supply the police department with necessary information by either calling the police department or logging onto our newly created web page. You will be asked questions in reference to how long you will be gone, if any lights will be left on, and if anyone will be checking on your house while you are gone.  While you are gone an officer will be  checking your residence to make sure everything is all right.  When you return home you will be sent a House Watch report. This new program will give the citizens of Oglesby a sense of relief knowing their residence is being checked.